We were hoping to share with our customers a few ideas about how to choose the best floral designer for their wedding day. So, when the team at Wedding Mantra, got in touch with us, We were very happy! We decided to share a list of questions with everyone. These would be super helpful while hiring the right Floral Designer for your event. This is a tiny bit of the article. So, Hop on over to their page to learn more 🙂

How to Choose Best Floral Designer for your Wedding – The Happy Florist

Did you know, during the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the bride and groom wore garlands on their necks? Mostly, this was to symbolize new life, hope and fertility?  Women on the other hand, also carried bouquets. However, both of these were actually made not of flowers but of aromatic bunches of herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits. In India, every auspicious occasion is marked with the use of flowers. It is of no surprise that colourful Jaimalas, made from fresh aromatic blooms, are used to adorn the bride and groom. In Indian Christian weddings, the Bridal bouquet, Boutonniere, have a multitude of options to choose from. The shape of the bouquet changes as well. This depending upon the preference of the Bride.

Today, women select their flowers for mostly their color and shape to suit their specific personality and style, but also to go with the theme of the wedding. Now, What would you ask your Floral designer when you are going to be wed? How do you know if they are the best fit for you and can translate your vision into reality? Here is a checklist of questions you can take along. Now, it’s simple. If most of the answers are to your liking and you feel you gel, you have found a winner!

For more info and a great list of questions, hop on over to the article here.

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