How to Use Instagram at Your Wedding

Gather tips on encouraging your guests to use Instagram throughout your Wedding Day celebrations.

Social media is such an integral part of everyday life, it isn’t surprising that you would want to include it as part of your wedding day. Social media can capture moments that will last a lifetime. Creating an interactive wedding using social media is easy, and free. So, with the advent of super smart phones with great cameras, it just makes sense to cash in on all the candid shots that people might take on their phones.

Our favourite tool here at The Happy Florist is Instagram! How can you not love a place that has a compendium of beautiful images, that you can look at anytime. But, how do you get the active instagram users at your wedding to share the pictures with you?

Here are some useful ideas, and tools to get you started.

  • Create a wedding hashtag. You can do this by mish-mashing your names,  or
  • Use this awesome hashtag generator at Wedding Hashtag Wall ( This is the coolest! and it’s FREE!)
  • Create a cute sign displaying your hashtag to put up at your ceremony and reception so guests can easily tag their photos. We have made a few for you to choose from. Just follow the link, save the image and replace the text with your personal hashtag.
  • When a guest takes a picture, all they have to do is add your unique hashtag. Then all those images get organized into one feed for everyone to see and comment on.
  • Make sure you put the hashtag on everything so you guests will be well aware of the plan. 
    • Invitation
    • Entrance Sign
    • Facebook Page
    • Your Instagram
    • Your Other Social Networks
  • Set up a photo booth and have those images uploaded to Instagram
  • Keep the hashtag alive as long as possible. You’d be surprised how many images and videos get uploaded a month or two after the wedding.

However, during the ceremony, have someone announce a polite reminder to switch all phones on silent and no flash photography. You don’t want an overzealous buddy ruin the moment with their flash (or ringtone).

At the end of the day, remember, your wedding day goes very quickly. You will want to enjoy the moment as much as you can. So have your family and friends help you out by saving that candid image or two, in the right place. #Ido!

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