Make your own DIY Cork Keepsake

I love DIY projects. Especially when they include recycled materials and plants! Two of my favourite things. Today, I am going to show you how to make a super cute DIY Cork Keepsake planter cum fridge magnet.

I always collect wine corks from all the wine bottle around me. Now, this DIY has been very popular online, I thought I could just jazz it up a bit with this cool video. Enjoy!

All you need is:

  • A few corks from wine bottles. More than one for sure. Sometimes they can get a bit crumbly and break. So, it’s best to have a few spare.
  • A magnet . We get strips of this at a local craft store. But you could use one from an old fridge magnet or buy this sheet online for other projects too. I’m using remanants of a toy from my daughters collection.
  • Tiny plants. I have used Eicheveria succulents. You could use syngonium or even grow a tiny sprout in it.
  • Glue. I’m using Fevibond Gel.
  • A little soil.

All you do is follow the video, and ta-dah!

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