In India, Flowers are a big part of all our celebrations, from the birth of a child, to a family wedding, the purchase of a car or a religious ceremony at home. It is a great gift to a loved one who has experienced loss or a special someone in your life.

The world is a smaller place today, because of the internet and technology. People are more aware of the trends in floral designs. People want more for their money and the traditional ‘phool wala’ is yet to deliver. However, there is a lack of innovation and creativity in the market, where floral design is concerned.

How can this change?

There has long been a need to clearly and simply explain the principles and elements of floral design in order to raise the standards in the industry. Right now the training that can be provided to floral designers is either limited to a city or two or, run by novices.

We at The Happy Florist would like to solve this problem for you by providing modern, professional services.

For any information you need, do contact us at [email protected]com or call us on +91 9619200570. Happy to hear from you!

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