Your wedding day is special. Not only to you, but to your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends. This is probably one time in your life where you would love to have all of them gathered around you, to see you walk down the aisle. Sometimes, this isn’t possible. Since I know what this feels like, when a bride asked me to incorporate tiny frames of her mothers pictures into her bouquet, I jumped to the chance. You can have a look at how it turned out, here and here.

Touching ways to remember a lost  loved one at your wedding

  • It can be as subtle as a symbolic white rose in your bouquet, or
  • Including their favourite flower in your bouquet/boutonierre
  • Adding framed pictures of them to your bouquet or boutonierre
  • A moment of silence at the ceremony.
  • Have a candle lit in their memory.
  • Ask your officiant to mention them during the ceremony.
  • Select their favorite song to be sung at the ceremony or played at the reception.
  • Talk about and toast them at the reception.
  • Maybe, serve their favourite drink/dish at your reception
  • Or, you could simply keep them in your hearts and say a prayer for them.

It’s hard to lose a loved one — and when you’re about to get married, their absence can seem even more noticeable, since you’ve always pictured them as an integral part of your day. On your wedding day, mentioning and honoring the person will be touching, as it’s an important part of the day for you.

Clearly, you can make the gesture as subtle or public as you like. Whatever you choose, honor lost loved ones in a way that feels true to your relationship. It allows those people to be there in spirit. You will certainly have a beautiful wedding day filled with blessings, love and laughter.

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