Happy World Environment Day 2018!

I hope all of you have had a great summer! Happy World Environment Day 2018 to all of you! We were keeping cool indoors with our low to medium light plants. We now have optimum weather for gardening and great climatic conditions to help your plants grow. I feel we will be seeing a lot more of each other 🙂

Coming up in the next few weeks are our Kokedama workshops, Succulent tray garden, Succulent Terrarium, Aquatic terrarium, Kids terrariums, and a whole lot more.

We will also be venturing to places all over Mumbai. So expect to see us in a place near you soon!

I took a pledge a long time ago to fill every nook and corner of my home with something beautiful and green. Now, I do have some plants that I can give my daughter when she has her own home. But, most of my plants are inexpensive and gorgeous. I water root as many cuttings as I can.

These cuttings of coleus, pothos and spider plants look lovely in glass jars that I recycle. Aloe Vera is another inexpensive, hardy plants that enjoys the environment in my home. These are just a few things that I do to make my immediate surroundings more green. The alarming rate at which trees are being cut in our city, this is just one small step we can take to ensure our children grow up with green around them. My daughter helps me in our tiny terrace garden. This is something that gives me great joy 🙂I hope to see more of you’ll so I can share what I know.Till then, take care and plant something new!

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