This for me is the most rewarding part of my floral journey. I love creating wedding styles with flowers that are one of a kind and unique to every couple. I try to have all my weddings stand apart from others (and one another). If you would like to have a consultation, and a quote, feel free to fill this form with a few details and I’ll get right back to you.


If you love creating art, this one will excite you. I Love pressing flowers and using them in my art work. I also press wedding flowers to make keepsakes like frames and jewellery. So, if you would like a custom piece made or if you want your wedding flowers pressed do get in touch.



Hi! My name is Noora D'Mello, The Happy Florist. I love flowers, plants, food, crafts and all beautiful things. I taking a few flowers, plants, or a few ingredients, and making something beautiful with my own hands.
I know there are people out there like me.
The Makers. The do-ers. The ones who look at a bottle cap and say, 'Hmm. I can use this!' Yup, I know you. You and I will get along just great!
To that effect, I went and started The Happy Florist. This is where I take the plants and flowers and use them to make your wedding day, birthday, anniversary or any event special.
I also teach and do plant crafts and dry flower arts and crafts.
I love making professional acquaintances. Do reach out if you want to talk about hands on, handmade stuff, new ideas, need a floral design solution or just want to swap recipes over a cup of coffee.

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