How about brown thumbs if not green?

Mandmade Wreath with dry flowers

Did you miss nature while you were in lockdown?

Something I discovered about myself after being forced to stay inside the past couple of years, Humans are meant to be around nature. Even if it is a short commute to work, we are meant to be outdoors, in the open at least. When things were normal, we took a lot for granted. Going outside freely was one of the things. Being with Nature was another one. Just the act of walking through a wooded area makes such a big difference to a person. Who knew!?

Being housebound, made me realise one more thing. We need to have nature at home. Just furniture and electronics doesn’t cut it. A vase with a water propagated plant, a few cut flowers, a stem or two of your favourite leaf. We need something around us to soothe the eyes!

Now, it’s completely possible that you have tried to be a plant parent. The thrill of nurturing a plant is amazing after all. But have overwatered, underwatered or ignored your plant until it was too late to revive. It’s also possible that you find keeping flowers a bother, because they eventually die (though with a little care, they provide joy for a long time too) Or, Maybe you are a plant parent,you have plants in the right places in your home, where they get plenty of sun and you water them regularly. Maybe, you have cut flowers, foliage and branches in the places that don’t have enough light for plants.

But maybe, You just want more of nature inside. So, what do you do?

A dry Cycas palm as art

Why Dry Botanicals?

That’s where dry botanicals come in. Seed pods, Grasses, sun bleached leaves, Dried herbs, dried branches and willow, Deep hued flowers and buds. It’s about time we fell in love with dry and preserved botanicals because the benefits of having dry botanical materials at home and at work (if possible) are just too good to pass up. A few points in favour of my home decor staples that come to mind are

1. Dried flowers are long-lasting. The biggest plus for me. ( a year or so if kept well)

2. Dried flowers don’t have to be watered (if you struggle with plants)

3. Dried flowers are for all seasons. If your favourite flowers are seasonal, chances are you can purchase a few heads of their dry version to have with you year round.

4. They go into those spaces where plants don’t survive. (If you have low light at home, or, aren’t sure about the light requirements of plants)

5. They can substitute for fresh flowers if you are in a rush. No fresh flowers on hand? You’ll always have these stunners on hand if you have people over. You can even mix them with fresh flowers to have a completely different, fresh-looking arrangement.

Start an Everlasting collection yourself

It isn’t hard to dry your own flowers. All you need is fresh flowers, preferably in the bud stage, on their way to bloom. Strip them of most of the leaves, and hang them upside down in a bunch. In a dry place away from direct sunlight preferably. In a week or so ( if it’s summery outside) you will have crisp flower heads that stand poker straight that you can keep in a vase and enjoy for months to come. My favourite flowers to do this with are roses.

Time to fall in love with Dry Botanicals

The perfect mix of modern vibes and a vintage sepia, it’s time to fall in love. Start with found and foraged leaves and seed pods, or even the DIY from above and you will have a bit of nature inside with you to enjoy.

Mandmade Wreath with dry flowers