Preserve your Flowers and special Memories

Preserve your memories forever

I love the idea of preserving memories from special occasions. That’s why I started preserving flowers. Not just Bridal bouquets or Varmalas, but, any flowers in your life that mean something to you.
The idea of having flowers as custom artwork really resonated with me. The addition of the flowers being close to your heart as well? Priceless!
For Preservation options, I do frames that are flat pressed, a suite of hanging frames (they’re about 2 inches) or shadow boxes.
The starting price is INR 3000. To avail of the service, you will have to contact me, book your slot and send your flowers to me the next day (if it is a varmala) or within 3 days (in case of a bouquet)
The entire process takes about a month. After the flowers are preserved in your choice of frame, I ship it to you and you can hang it up immediately. It’s as easy as that.
Here are a few samples of my work. I do preserve most of my own work, but I also take on flowers that I haven’t commissioned. Yes, even artificial flowers. They’re better off in a frame on the wall instead of exposed to the elements catching dust anyway.
For a detailed article, have a look at this interview I did for the Mid-Day a while ago. There is a mini tutorial too 🙂

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