What to expect when you’re expecting-Plant Babies for new Plant Parents

Pennywort/ Marsh Pennywort/hydrocotyle umbellata

Are you a plant parent? Or do you have a plant parent as a friend? Do you want to be a plant parent for the many benefits plants and nature bring to our lives? If yes, read on. Imma fill you in on a few plants that are easy to care for, even for first time plant parents. As you become expert plant growers, more challenging plants can be added to your collection so you can achieve that look of a green oasis at home.

Let’s get right down to the types of plants

1) Pennywort/ Marsh Pennywort/hydrocotyle umbellata Pennywort/ Marsh Pennywort/hydrocotyle umbellata
My favourite water plant. All you need is a container without drainage, I use a glass serving dish, some aquatic sand and the plant. Keep the plant in water all the time, and in the brightest sun you have. I found this to be the easiest plant to care for. A little fertiliser when I remember was always good enough for this. So pretty!

2) All types of Haworthia Haworthia

Succulents are beautiful plants! I just love them! However, I do find that some are easier to care for than others. One of these is Haworthias. They are easy to care for, prefer to be underwatered and tolerate light inside your home in the brightest spot available. Use a potting mix specifically for succulents. A light, well draining mix preferably. I also use these plants to make Kokedama and they respond very very well. (even if you forget to water them)

3) Spider plant

This one is a beauty! The blade-like leaves are supre pretty, especially when your plant fills the pot. They also send out shoots with baby plants when they are well cared for and happy! I use the baby plants successfully in terrariums too! They prefer the brightest spot you can provide them indoors, water once in two days and fertilise once in a while. Easy peasy!

4) Airplants Airplant

Are these easy to care for? Theoretically, yes. But you need to be judicious about watering. They love to be immersed in water, then shook off completely and kept in a well ventilated palace to dry. Their placement in your home should be in front of a window in view of the sky if possible. I LOVE these plants! I have had many specimens over the years. LOVE!

5) Any plant you can water propagate

I am partial to all kinds of Monstera and Pothos for a simple reason. You can propagate these guys in water and get many, many new plants. I enjoy having water propagated cuttings in my home as decor too. All you do to water propagate is, cut the plant just below the node and put it in some fresh water. It takes a week or two for new roots to form after which you can plant them in soil or continue growing in water. Place them in a sunny spot and enjoy!

That’s a great start!

I have loads of other suggestions for you. Try out a few of these plants and let me know how it goes. Happy to recommend more plants if you reach out to me on thehappyflorristmumbai@gmail.com and we can have a little planty chit chat. Till then, happy parenting!