Preserve your Flowers and special Memories

Preserve your memories forever

I love the idea of preserving memories from special occasions. That’s why I started preserving flowers. Not just Bridal bouquets or Varmalas, but, any flowers in your life that mean something to you.
The idea of having flowers as custom artwork really resonated with me. The addition of the flowers being close to your heart as well? Priceless!
For Preservation options, I do frames that are flat pressed, a suite of hanging frames (they’re about 2 inches) or shadow boxes.
The starting price is INR 3000. To avail of the service, you will have to contact me, book your slot and send your flowers to me the next day (if it is a varmala) or within 3 days (in case of a bouquet)
The entire process takes about a month. After the flowers are preserved in your choice of frame, I ship it to you and you can hang it up immediately. It’s as easy as that.
Here are a few samples of my work. I do preserve most of my own work, but I also take on flowers that I haven’t commissioned. Yes, even artificial flowers. They’re better off in a frame on the wall instead of exposed to the elements catching dust anyway.
For a detailed article, have a look at this interview I did for the Mid-Day a while ago. There is a mini tutorial too 🙂

If you’d like to preserve your memories, do reach out to me on Instagram
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What to expect when you’re expecting-Plant Babies for new Plant Parents

Pennywort/ Marsh Pennywort/hydrocotyle umbellata

Are you a plant parent? Or do you have a plant parent as a friend? Do you want to be a plant parent for the many benefits plants and nature bring to our lives? If yes, read on. Imma fill you in on a few plants that are easy to care for, even for first time plant parents. As you become expert plant growers, more challenging plants can be added to your collection so you can achieve that look of a green oasis at home.

Let’s get right down to the types of plants

1) Pennywort/ Marsh Pennywort/hydrocotyle umbellata Pennywort/ Marsh Pennywort/hydrocotyle umbellata
My favourite water plant. All you need is a container without drainage, I use a glass serving dish, some aquatic sand and the plant. Keep the plant in water all the time, and in the brightest sun you have. I found this to be the easiest plant to care for. A little fertiliser when I remember was always good enough for this. So pretty!

2) All types of Haworthia Haworthia

Succulents are beautiful plants! I just love them! However, I do find that some are easier to care for than others. One of these is Haworthias. They are easy to care for, prefer to be underwatered and tolerate light inside your home in the brightest spot available. Use a potting mix specifically for succulents. A light, well draining mix preferably. I also use these plants to make Kokedama and they respond very very well. (even if you forget to water them)

3) Spider plant

This one is a beauty! The blade-like leaves are supre pretty, especially when your plant fills the pot. They also send out shoots with baby plants when they are well cared for and happy! I use the baby plants successfully in terrariums too! They prefer the brightest spot you can provide them indoors, water once in two days and fertilise once in a while. Easy peasy!

4) Airplants Airplant

Are these easy to care for? Theoretically, yes. But you need to be judicious about watering. They love to be immersed in water, then shook off completely and kept in a well ventilated palace to dry. Their placement in your home should be in front of a window in view of the sky if possible. I LOVE these plants! I have had many specimens over the years. LOVE!

5) Any plant you can water propagate

I am partial to all kinds of Monstera and Pothos for a simple reason. You can propagate these guys in water and get many, many new plants. I enjoy having water propagated cuttings in my home as decor too. All you do to water propagate is, cut the plant just below the node and put it in some fresh water. It takes a week or two for new roots to form after which you can plant them in soil or continue growing in water. Place them in a sunny spot and enjoy!

That’s a great start!

I have loads of other suggestions for you. Try out a few of these plants and let me know how it goes. Happy to recommend more plants if you reach out to me on and we can have a little planty chit chat. Till then, happy parenting!

How about brown thumbs if not green?

Mandmade Wreath with dry flowers

Did you miss nature while you were in lockdown?

Something I discovered about myself after being forced to stay inside the past couple of years, Humans are meant to be around nature. Even if it is a short commute to work, we are meant to be outdoors, in the open at least. When things were normal, we took a lot for granted. Going outside freely was one of the things. Being with Nature was another one. Just the act of walking through a wooded area makes such a big difference to a person. Who knew!?

Being housebound, made me realise one more thing. We need to have nature at home. Just furniture and electronics doesn’t cut it. A vase with a water propagated plant, a few cut flowers, a stem or two of your favourite leaf. We need something around us to soothe the eyes!

Now, it’s completely possible that you have tried to be a plant parent. The thrill of nurturing a plant is amazing after all. But have overwatered, underwatered or ignored your plant until it was too late to revive. It’s also possible that you find keeping flowers a bother, because they eventually die (though with a little care, they provide joy for a long time too) Or, Maybe you are a plant parent,you have plants in the right places in your home, where they get plenty of sun and you water them regularly. Maybe, you have cut flowers, foliage and branches in the places that don’t have enough light for plants.

But maybe, You just want more of nature inside. So, what do you do?

A dry Cycas palm as art

Why Dry Botanicals?

That’s where dry botanicals come in. Seed pods, Grasses, sun bleached leaves, Dried herbs, dried branches and willow, Deep hued flowers and buds. It’s about time we fell in love with dry and preserved botanicals because the benefits of having dry botanical materials at home and at work (if possible) are just too good to pass up. A few points in favour of my home decor staples that come to mind are

1. Dried flowers are long-lasting. The biggest plus for me. ( a year or so if kept well)

2. Dried flowers don’t have to be watered (if you struggle with plants)

3. Dried flowers are for all seasons. If your favourite flowers are seasonal, chances are you can purchase a few heads of their dry version to have with you year round.

4. They go into those spaces where plants don’t survive. (If you have low light at home, or, aren’t sure about the light requirements of plants)

5. They can substitute for fresh flowers if you are in a rush. No fresh flowers on hand? You’ll always have these stunners on hand if you have people over. You can even mix them with fresh flowers to have a completely different, fresh-looking arrangement.

Start an Everlasting collection yourself

It isn’t hard to dry your own flowers. All you need is fresh flowers, preferably in the bud stage, on their way to bloom. Strip them of most of the leaves, and hang them upside down in a bunch. In a dry place away from direct sunlight preferably. In a week or so ( if it’s summery outside) you will have crisp flower heads that stand poker straight that you can keep in a vase and enjoy for months to come. My favourite flowers to do this with are roses.

Time to fall in love with Dry Botanicals

The perfect mix of modern vibes and a vintage sepia, it’s time to fall in love. Start with found and foraged leaves and seed pods, or even the DIY from above and you will have a bit of nature inside with you to enjoy.

Mandmade Wreath with dry flowers

The First Thing You Do When You Start Wedding Planning

Would you like to make your life easy when it comes to planning your wedding?

Right now, you’re just engaged and excited about planning your big day. How hard can it be, right?

Soooo, you have to decide ( if you don’t already know) what kind of dress you would like? What does the groom want? Will your entourage like their clothes? Does the venue have this particular shade of pink I like? Do they serve the food I prefer? Do we go with the all-Indian menu?  Shall we have a Sushi Bar!? Is this green, too green? Why don’t they make leaves this colour?

How hard can it be right? Right?

So, it really doesn’t need to be this complex. It can be fun, the experience can be memorable and filled with the things that you’ll love as a couple. How you ask? Let me help you


Even before you Google, ‘ How to plan a wedding”, you have to decide on one thing that will make your life The first thing you do. The very first thing. IS Pick A Theme.

It seems so self-explanatory, right? Like, Of course, we will pick a theme. But, by this, I don’t mean pick a colour. That comes later.

In order to move forward, ask yourself,  What are we all about? Do we love Anime and coffee? Are we Beach people? Do we love animals? Are we fitness enthusiasts? ( you may have different likes, that’s great as well!)

There you go, that’s your theme! Now, you’re going to ask me how exactly that makes your life easier? Let me show you.

Let me explain with an example

A small example of what I mean when I say, “Pick a Theme”

Say you focus on your theme first. You’ll are beach babies. The sound of water brings a smile to your lips, it’s a balm to your soul. Like, you really Love it.

You love the elegant boho chic style. Chances are you also like Airy dresses, Vintage-y vibes, flowy draping, you get the gist.

Or, you love a more elegant, no-frills sort of look. So, sleek mermaid gowns, no-frills and flounce.

Now, for your wedding day, your dress, the groom’s suit/tux/sherwani, what the rest of the entourage is wearing is sorted as far as look goes.

Your flowers and decor? Sorted.

How you ask? Well, say you love sunflowers? Or roses? Or heck, you only like grasses. Well, the sun and sea will tie it ALL together.

The flowers you choose for your bouquet and entourage should be your favourites. Then, based on the theme, you can add accents to contrast your favourites. So, if you like sunflowers and the colour burgundy, your venue is by the sea, you’ll have a bouquet that looks something like this.

Sunflowers and Dahlias by the sea

For decor, You can ask your decorator to pull out any and ALL vintage inspired decor ideas you have, mix any colours you can imagine and it will work! Velvet table covers with wooden slabs on it? Or, bare wooden tables? Arches with pampas, gypsophila and loose drapes?

So, by focusing on the entire theme of the wedding, you have the clothes, flowers, decor and chances are, the food is all sorted.

And, the icing on the seaside themed cake? When your guests arrive and celebrate with you, they will know without a doubt that they have attended a wedding that’s been influenced by your love for sand and sea. How cool is that!?

Here’s where I come in 🙂

So, if this still seems like you can’t decide on a theme together, why don’t you set up a meeting with me? We can talk it out, you can gain some clarity.. There’s really no risk.

Are you getting married?? I guess you are, you’re reading this blog right now.

Do you want to make your wedding planning easier? If not, well, go about your day.

But if you do, and you need clarity, what have you got to lose? Nothing, really. Like I said, it’s just a chat.

But if it does work for you? Well, you’ll save tons of time. What will you do with all that free time that you save by talking to me? Who knows. Maybe you’ll work more? Probably not, but maybe.

Maybe you’ll just get to go out to the beach or hiking more often. You know you’ve been meaning to do that lately.

Might as well give it a try!

If you’d like to set up a call with me, just drop an email to me at and we can set up a time to chat 🙂 can’t wait!